Meet Amanda Curren, the savvy, Adelaide-based Corporate & Personal Stylist.

Amanda is skilled in creating collection based corporate workwear solutions that make companies stand out in all the right ways.  Her corporate styling and image enhancing process starts with a fresh modern workwear concept that is congruent with the applicable industry, in line with WHS and anti-discrimination laws, and designed to elevate corporate image.

As an industry pro and the go-to corporate stylist in Adelaide, Amanda has developed an intuitive approach to helping her clients understand, clarify and outline their corporate workwear needs.  She helps corporate clients elevate their brand, from concept to creation. In addition, Amanda creates a corporate style guide that clearly communicates expectations to staff.  

Let's face it, creating a dress policy that suits a company's industry, culture, values and the ever-changing times can be a trial. And choosing a uniform that is loved and worn well by employees is one of the hardest decisions for companies to make.  Gone are the days when employees will happily wear traditional business attire or unflattering (and uncomfortable) uniforms.  Neither should they have to, because today's employees want to look and feel good while being a proud brand ambassador for the company.  It's a win-win situation!

More and more savvy companies are treating their dress guidelines and corporate workwear requirements with street smarts and pride by hiring a corporate stylist that understands corporate style, culture and branding.


Amanda shares her 3 no-brainer corporate style enhancer tips that can help you elevate your brand:

1. Perception is reality

Before you engage a corporate stylist get clear about what you want from your corporate workwear solution.

Are you looking for:

  • A fresh, modern and standout look?
  • A durable, easy care, cost effective solution?
  • A congruent brand, with styling options and standout features?
  • A well designed dress policy?
  • Or do you want a combination of all the above?

 It's important for your company to strike the right balance.  First impressions matter. Especially when it comes to corporate workwear. Today's consumers won't hesitate to move on if your brand message and image are in disconnect.  Make it easy for staff to happily represent your company with pride. Customers certainly respond to a happier, more confident employee.

2. Create a congruent brand personality

Most companies spend big dollars to create a brand, but fail to translate their brand message into their corporate style.  Your corporate style concept plays a crucial part in creating a cohesive, congruent brand. CEOs and managers who understand this leverage corporate stylists to help them translate their brand message and values with the help of well-designed styles, colours and essential details.

3. Remember the PSC rule

Corporate workwear should be PRACTICAL, STYLISH and COMFORTABLE for all employees to wear.  It should have options that are flattering for all body shapes and contain key pieces that are easy to combine, giving staff a range of style options while keeping them looking clean, smart and on brand.

The biggest mistake companies make when choosing their corporate wear is hiring uniform supply companies that don't understand the big picture when it comes to branding

Amanda offers complimentary consultations and can be contacted on (08) 8363 3363

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