Audit & Examinations

At Lee Green we take pride in being able to offer a wide range of audit services.

Lee Green provides an independent audit service which ensures a customer can have its compliance needs taken care of.  Lee Green also has other audit styled services that assist an organization to be better able to manage its day to day operations through ensuring appropriate business controls are in place.


  • Independent financial statement audits
  • SMSF Audits
  • Trust Account Audits for real estate, solicitors, accountants and brokers
  • Travel Industry audits for IATA and TCF
  • Outgoings audits for property managers
  • ORIC Examinations – Aboriginal Corporations CATSI Act 2006 Compliance

Operational control issues

  • Business continuity
  • Internal Control assessments
  • Process improvement and examination
  • Legislative compliance reviews
  • Reporting effectiveness and accuracy
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